Route Descriptions
Hotel van Onna
Bloemgracht 104
1015 TN Amsterdam
Hotel van Onna

Schiphol Airport:
From the Schiphol Airport you can take the train to Amsterdam Central Station, see further route descriptions Train.
Or take a taxi right away straight to the Hotel.

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take tram 13 or 17, to the third stop at “Westermarkt” (by the Westerkerk) you step out. You follow the tramway and cross the Prinsengracht bridge to the far side of the canal, to the right until you reach the Bloemgracht, which is the first canal on the left side, opposite the Anne Frank House.
Of course you can take a taxi from the Central Station. However, walking is also a possibility as we are only 15-20 minutes from the station.
If you like to plan your route by public transport, please go to You can also phone them: 0900-9292
(€ 0,50 p/m). For only trains you can go to

It is very simple with a car. You drive on the West-Ring of Amsterdam. You take exit “S-105”, and at the stop lights of this exit, follow the sign “centrum”. Continue driving straight ahead until you reach the Bloemgracht.

It is not possible to park on the Bloemgracht, however in front of the hotel there is an open space where you may park your car for 10 minutes while you check-in. We will then explain where you can park your car. For more information about carparking, road works, taxi and public transport you can find on
The recommended parking garages are:

Marnixstraat 250
1016 TL Amsterdam
Telefoon 0900-4466880
36 euro per day
7-10 minutes walk
Mercatorplein 2
1057 CB Amsterdam
15 euro per day
(closed on Sunday)
Tram 13 Stop Marnixstraat
P+R Bos en Lommer
Leeuwendalersweg 23b
1055 JE Amsterdam
6 euro per day
Tram 14 Stop Marnixstraat
P+R Olympisch Stadion
Olympisch Stadion 44
1076 DE Amsterdam
6 euro per day
Bus 142, 170 or 172 to stop Marnixstraat / Rozengracht
P+R Sloterdijk
6 euro per day
Bus 82 to stop Marnixstraat/Rozengracht or tram 12 (+change 13)

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